Acne during teenage years – young skin later in life

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Having acne while you are young, is not particularity nice.  But new research has shown that teenagers with acne tend to have a younger-looking skin later in life.

The research is done at the King’s College in London, and included 1205 female twins. Roughly speaking, the results showed the following: participants who had a lot of acne during their teenage years, have a younger looking skin than participants who had a “perfect” skin as a teenager.

The case-study was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.   The aim of the study was to find connections, but not to prove that one thing will lead to another.

Comfort during teenage years

The researchers behind the findings investigated the white blood cells of the participants. They concluded that the participants who did not have acre during their teenage years, have a later skin ageing. This might be good news for the ones who have a bad skin; their acne might just benefit their adult life.

Cells protected
The results of the research have long been known, but the cause has been uncertain. “Our findings suggest that the reason may be related to the length of telomeres, which seems to be different with those who struggle with acne. That means they have cells that can be protected against ageing”, explains lead researcher Simone Ribero from Kings College London to BBC Health.

Scientists however argue that more research is needed before anything can be confirmed.

By: Marthe Lein, journalist. Approved by the Medical Editor.

Source: / Norway Today