Two out of three Norwegians believe children of IS fighters should be brought home

(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

65% of respondents believe that the Norwegian authorities should bring home children of persons who have joined the extremist group, IS, a recent survey showed.

The survey was conducted by Response Analysis and was published by VG newspaper.

31% of respondents believe that the children in any case must get home to Norway, while 33% believe it should happen under certain conditions. 20% responded “no”, while 15% responded “don’t know”.

15% think one of the prerequisites should be that the children are under a certain age to be able to be taken home. 10% think the children who are brought home must be born in Norway, while 7% believe the children should only be taken home if their parents are ethnic Norwegian.

The survey showed that women are more positive than men to let the children be brought back to Norway. 38% of women who were asked showed unconditional support for return for the children, while only 25% of males responded the same.

Fremskrittsparti’s (Frp’s) family spokesperson, Silje Hjemdal, recently opened a home for children from camps in Syria and Iraq, provided the parents consented to the children being picked up alone.

On Friday came the news that the Kurdish authorities are giving a clear signal that the late IS fighter, Michael Skråmos, can be transported to the Swedish consulate in Arbil in Iraq according to TV 4. The Norwegian’s children are currently in the al-Hol camp north of Syria, where several of them are severely malnourished and ill.

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