Automatic registration of exemption card provides faster handling at NAV

NAV office, where unemployed and job seekers goes for support.NAV. Photo: Norway Today Media

Since January of last year, the automatic registration of paid health fees and issuance of exemption cards has provided for both shorter processing time and less bureaucracy.


While this was something that was done manually, automatic registration of the two exemption card schemes was introduced on the 1st of January last year.

Exemption scheme 1 was automated in 2010, and by last year, this was also applied to exemption scheme 2.

After a busy year of full automatic registration of both schemes, both the Ministry of Health, NAV and Helfo are very pleased.

Releases 160 man-years
Automation has saved around 160 full-time work equivalents in Nav and Helfo, being that electronic reporting giving less manual work.

Almost 100 per cent of all physicians, 93 per cent of physiotherapists, 87 per cent of dentists, and about 70 per cent of psychologists are now affiliated with Norsk Helsenett and send their reports digitally, which means saved costs and shorter processing time.

“Since healthcare personnel like physicians, physiotherapists, dentists, and psychologists now report patient fees and data digitally and driectly to Helfo, patients do not have to collect and provide documentation. This means that everyone who is entitled to a free card automatically receives it.

Thus, the case processing is simpler and faster, both for the patient and the health service,” says health minister, Bent Høie (H).

The waiting time to get a free card is now down to 13 days, which is well within the health authorities’ requirement of three weeks. The free card is still on paper and sent in the mail, but several institutions are also automatically notified digitally when a free card has been granted.

Can check for yourself
On, private individuals may, among other things, check the balance of their own shares and when the prescriptions need to be renewed.

Exemption scheme 1 includes consultation and treatment from a physician, psychologist, outpatient clinic, X-rays, patient travel and medicine, food, blue-prescription, and use of medical equipment. The exemption card is granted after NOK 2,258 in patient fees have been paid.

For exemption scheme 2, the amount limit is 2,025 kroner for 2018. Includes deductions from examination and treatment at the physiotherapist, some types of dentistry, stay at approved rehabilitation institutions, and treatment trips abroad under the auspices of Oslo University Hospital.


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