Children of 9 send nudie pics to each other

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Children as young as the age of nine send naked images to each other

More and more children under the age of 10 send naked images to each other via social media according to the police in Vestfold.


“Children start coming to Snapchat, YouTube, and Skype when they are around nine years old, and we see more examples of taking nude photos and sending them to each other,” said police chief, Hege Skar, of the Vestfold police district to NRK news.

She said there is an increasing trend that young people share nude pictures and thinks many parents may be naive when it comes to what the children do on social media.

“It may be challenging to talk to children about nude pictures,” said Leif Gunnar Vik, general manager of the organization, Barnevakten (the Baby Sitter). He thinks there is a risk that young children can get ideas by talking about nude pictures.

“This can lead to us reinforcing a phenomenon, instead of preventing it” Vik warned.

“One must speak explicitly with young children about sexuality,” said section head, Jeanette Indreiten, at Statens Barnehus (Children’s House) in Sandefjord.

“You do not introduce sexuality because you talk to children about it. Talking about this does not mean that the children will in the next moment go out and take pictures of themselves,” she said.


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