Collaboration on STOL routes in Norway

Widerøe STOL NorwegianBombardier Q400a. Photo: Widerøe

Widerøe and Norwegian to collaborate on STOL routes

The airline Widerøe is to collaborate with Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) on Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) routes in Norway. The cooperation makes it possible to book combination trips with the two airlines. Widerøe is owned by SAS.


Widerøe states that the agreement concerns Widerøe’s STOL routes and Norwegians domestic routes. For travelers it will be possible to book combination trips with Widerøe and Norwegian as of March 2018.

– Widerøe takes several meassures to ensure that customers in small places have a good offer. – We continue the good cooperation with SAS, add more direct routes and enter into a cooperation agreement with Norwegian on the STOL network, the company states.

According to Widerøe, the new agreement will ensure Widerøe’s customers greater choice regarding itinerary, timetable and price. So-called transfer tickets will give the customer a much shorter journey time – according to Widerøe, the minimum time between departures will be reduced from 2 hours to 30 minutes at all airports except Oslo Gardermoen (OSL), where the minimum time between departures will be 45 minutes.

Check-in all the way

Travelers will now be able to check-in their luggage all the way to their final destination inside Norway. The agreement also means that passengers are taken care of in case of cancellations or delays along the way.

– Widerøe works continuously to improve the flight offer for our customers in District Norway. We keep our good cooperation with SAS and the customer will have more travel options to choose from. In sum, this will provide a better offer, and will therefore be good for Widerøe’s customers, says Director of Network & Pricing in Widerøe, Christian Skaug.

The agreement has been entered into in accordance with the provisions of the tender between Widerøe and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The following routes are included in the agreement

  • Oslo–Røros
  • All routes between Florø, Førde, Sogndal, Sandane and Ørsta/Volda to Oslo and Bergen
  • Trondheim to Helgeland (MQN, MJF, BNN, SSJ)
  • Trondheim and Oslo to Rørvik and Namsos
  • All routes in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark


  • Bodø–Bardufoss
  • Direct flights from Oslo to Helgeland (MQN, MJF, BNN, SSJ) and Lofoten/Vesterålen (SVJ, LKN, SKN)
  • Direct flights from Bergen to Bodø and Tromsø
  • Sandefjord/Kristiansand/Trondheim to Evenes


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