Earth’s temperature reaches new heights

Strong sunStrong sun.Photo: Norway Today Media

The global temperature has recently skyrocketed. Scientists believe the recovery is a “permanent jump” to a new level.

Heat records this year came as a string of pearls, and NASA named August the 11th consecutive month of global temperature records.

Especially in the winter the global average was well above all previous measurements for the season. Already in May it was clear that in 2016 earth would most likely beats the previous records, which were set in 2015.

“The heat wave” was caused by all accounts a combination of global warming and El Niño weather phenomenon. Although El Niño faded in the spring, the pattern of temperature records continues.

– It is surprising, says researcher Rasmus Benestad at the Meteorological Institute.

– A lasting effect

Benestad believes developments in recent months show that it is not only El Niño that has elevated temperatures. Other natural fluctuations may have played a role – in addition to global warming.

Next year it is expected that the heat will subside somewhat, but the decline will hardly be as big as the rise that has proceeded it.

– I assume that the temperature will be slightly lower than in 2016 but higher than before, says Benestad to news agency NTB.

Research Director Bjørn Samset at CICERO thinks the average temperture will be less next year, likely similar to 2015. Both scientists show that the temperature previously made “persistent jumps.”

– I am absolutely convinced that we have reached a new level now, says Samset.
If so, we will probably not get global temperatures to drop back to the level that was common just a few years ago.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today