Exporting a vehicle from Norway

Classic vehicleA classic car or truck is hard to leave behind if you move out of Norway. Photo: Bee Theng Tan / Private

Exporting a vehicle from Norway

You will find information below for how to proceed when exporting vehicle from Norway, for example after selling a car or when bringing one with you in connection with relocation to another country.

Before exporting a vehicle


In some cases, the import country’s customs authorities may ask if you have or can provide proof of origin/EUR.1 movement certificate. This will be necessary to import the vehicle duty free. There are specific regulations as to when the Customs can authorise an EUR1 document when a used motor vehicle is exported.
Read more about this here

Other documents/other documentation

  • It is recommended to check with the customs authorities in the country you are importing the car as to whether there are any documents required for customs clearance there.
  • The original vehicle registration or COC (certificate of conformity) and possibly proof of purchase/sales contract or an appraisal/valuation.

Refund of Norwegian fees

In certain cases, portions of the one-time fee for cars that were first registered in Norway from June 26, 2014 and later may be refunded.
Read more about this on the Norwegian Tax Administration’s website

If the value is NOK 5,000 or less

You generally do not need to declare the vehicle to the Norwegian Customs Administration (export declaration), if it is worth NOK 5,000 or less..

You must, however, declare the vehicle if it is

  • considered as waste
  • manufactured before 1950
  • considered as a military vehicle

See the next item for information on where to get the export declaration and which documents you need to bring with you.

If the value is more than NOK 5,000

You have to declare the vehicle to the Norwegian Customs Administration for export (export declaration). You will be issued a customs declaration at one of our customs offices. You can also contact a shipping company that can assist you with the declaration.

You will need to bring with you

  • The original registration showing that the vehicle is registered in your name (or the COC).
  • Possibly the sales contract or an appraisal/valuation.
  • A personal identity document.
  • Possibly a permit from another agency if necessary (see item 1 – Before exporting the vehicle)


Different types of vehicle number plates

When you cross the border

You have to stop at the border and present the export declaration. If this has not been made at a local customs office, it must be made at the border, either by us or the shipping agent.

An overview of border crossings and their opening hours can be found here

Final reminder

Norwegian Customs stress that you must check with the customs authorities in the destination country the car regarding which rules apply there, and what kind of documentation is required.

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