Most Swedes, Poles and Lithuanians


In the fourth quarter of 2015, 77 431 wage-earners were staying in Norway short term. Most wage-earners on short term stays are young men, 25 and 39 years old, from Sweden, Poland and Lithuania. They work primarily in construction or through employment agencies.

Wage-earners on short terms stays in Norway are expected to stay in Norway for less than six months and as such are not registered as residents in the Central Population Register. This includes people who commute to work in Norway for longer or shorter periods at a time, such as those living in Sweden who commute daily to work in Norway.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, 34 885 short-term employees originated in EU Countries in Eastern Europe.

Young men dominate

80 per cent of wage-earners on short term stay are men. The biggest age group, independent of gender is 25-39 years old. While men work primarily in construction and through employment agencies, women work in the health care, accommodation and food service industries.


Source: SSB / Norway Today