Committee for control of fisheries

fisheries committee controlThe Committee for implementation of control of fisheries in the future. Photo: NFD

Work on future control of fisheries has started

In June, the Government set up a committee to see how Norway can get better control of the resources that are harvested from the ocean. On Monday they had their first meeting regarding the future of Norwegian fisheries.


– As the Minister of Fisheries, there are two things I’m particularly concerned with, firstly legality and secondly, quality. The worst thing that can happen is losing our position as an ocean nation that takes these things seriously, says the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, Harald T. Nesvik.

The inspection committee will look at how technology can provide increased certainty that Norwegian fish are both lawfully fished and traded in the marketplace. The committee will also consider how the authorities can increase the impact of total control resources and improve the ability to uncover and punish those who willingly and knowingly violate the laws and regulations.

– The goal is to simplify and obtain a more efficient national control. The whole seafood industry will benefit from this, Nesvik goes on to say.

The inspection committee consists of 10 experts with relevant knowledge from industry, administration and academia. The committee is chaired by Managing Director Magnar Pedersen at the research institute Nofima. Pedersen has vast experience from different roles related to Norwegian fisheries.

The committee consists of the following members

Managing Director, Magnar Pedersen, Tromsø
Police Superintendent, Henny Irene Bech, Nittedal
Junior Professor, Florian Diekert, Heidelberg, Tyskland
Head of Research, Hanne Digre, Trondheim
Senior Researcher, Kine Mari Karlsen, Tromsø
CEO, Vårin Marie Lassesen, Myre
Skipper, Per William Lie, Fjell
Head of Raw Materials, Ørjan Nergaard, Båtsfjord
Mathematician and Technology Investor, Silvija Seres, Oslo
Senior Consultant, Hans Petter Tetmo, Tønsberg


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