4 out of 10 use their phone too much

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Four out of ten say they use their phone too much

Amongst Norwegians, 42 per cent believe that they use their mobile phone too much, a recent survey of mobile habits in the Nordic countries shows.


Of those who think they use their cellphone too much, 63 per cent say they try to restrict their use, while 35 per cent say they do not try to, P4 reports.

The survey has been conducted for the Deloitte consulting company.

The survey reveals that 52 per cent of mobile users in the Nordic region has experienced negative effects from their own mobile use. Among Norwegians, one in four states that they feel they have to check their phone all the time, and as many say that the smartphone makes them distracted when they try to perform a task.

At the same time, another survey conducted by Kantar TNS for Statnett shows that one in five Norwegians under the age of 30 use the phone between five and eight hours a day.

There are big contrasts in mobile use between the youngest and the oldest. Amongst the over 60s, three out of five are active on the phone for one hour daily. There are very few senior citizens who use the phone for more than three to four hours a day.


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