Four out of ten suffer psychologically over time

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In a survey in connection with the World Day for Mental Health, 40 percent say that they have experienced mental health problems over time.

This is a decrease of 5 percentage points from last year.

According to the survey, people respond that it is family and friends who are the most important conversationalists when they are struggling mentally, but there is also a tendency for colleagues to have an increased importance. While 9 percent of respondents in 2017 responded that they could talk to colleagues, this year, 14 percent answered the same.

Apart from family, friends and colleagues, there are anonymous chat services people resort to when they are struggling mentally. Although the majority state that they know who they can talk to, 12 percent say they have no one to talk to, while 3 percent say they do not know.

The survey, which is based on a total of 1,006 interviews, was conducted by the research institute YouGov.

World Day of Mental Health marks Thursday, October 10 in over 150 countries. Mental Health has since 2003 coordinated the work in Norway in collaboration with the Directorate of Health.

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