Half a ton of trash every year

food waste trashFood waste.Photo: pixabay.com

Every Norwegian throws away nearly half a ton of trash every year

Although we threw less waste in 2016 than in 2015, each of us throws away nearly 200 kgs of trash more than 25 years ago.


statistics from Statistics Norway show that Norwegians dispose less trash in 2016 than they did in 2015, ABC News reports. Even though the figures go down, each Norwegian on average throws 82.7 per cent more household waste annually compared to figures from 1992. Back then we only threw away 237 kilos each, compared to 433 kilos last year.

Chief Executive Officer Hildegunn Bull Iversen in the LOOP Foundation (which works to motivate better waste separation) says that the amount of waste has increased significantly since the 1990s, but it is positive that we are now becoming more aware.

– Waste separation is a very simple manner of helping to saving the environment, Bull Iversen tells ABC News.

Under the sink

Last year we threw away 6 kilos less trash than in 2015, but since 1992, household waste per capita has increased dramatically. In total, Norwegians threw away 2.227,000 ton of waste last year – 125 percent more than in 1992. Bull Iversen says that the large increase is associated with an increased standard of living and that the solution to the garbage problem can be found under the kitchen sink.

– Having the order under the kitchen counter is important and it makes things easier. Additionally it is positive if consumers are aware of what they buy – and that they sell or give away things they no longer need, says Bull Iversen.


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