The Nordfjord

NordfjordThe Nordfjord.Photo: Copyright © Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norge

Nordfjord (English: Northern fjord) is a fjord and a traditional district in the northern part of Sogn og Fjordane county in Western Norway.

The district comprises the municipalities of Selje, Vågsøy, Bremanger, Eid, Gloppen, Hornindal, and Stryn. Nordfjord covers an area of 4,295 square kilometres (1,658 sq mi) and is home to a population (2010) of approximately 32,464.

The fjord is the sixth longest in Norway and is 565 metres (1,854 ft) deep at the mouth. It is 106 kilometres (66 mi) long from Husevågøy to Loen, encompassing the rough coastline of Stadlandet to Jostedalsbreen, Europe’s largest mainland glacier. The region also includes Hornindalsvatnet, Europe’s deepest lake at 514 metres (1,686 ft) below sea level. The glacier Briksdalsbreen is particularly scenic. The Fjord Horse has it’s origin in this region. READ MORE about The Nordfjord


Source: / Norway Today