Insect expert warns against robot mowers

scythe robot mower robot mowersMowing the grass with a scythe. Photo:

Insect expert warns against robot mowers

The Norwegian Entomological Association believes that robot mowers threaten the diversity in the insect population. Now they ask people to get rid of the mowers and purchase a good old-fashioned scythe instead.


Before this, the Hedgehog help has warned that robot mowers can scalp hedgehogs.

Now entomologist and leader of the Norwegian entomological association, Lars Ove Hansen, warn against the automotive lawn mowers that are becoming increasingly popular. He believes the biodiversity is destroyed by these lawn mowers.

– The flowers disappear and with them production of pollen and nectar which is the basis of life for most of our insects. Especially bees and bumblebees are dependent on nectar in their adult lives, Hansen says in a press release from Sabima, which the Norwegian entomological association is a subsidiary of.

Buy a scythe

He carries an important message to people who use robot mowers.

– They should get rid of the robot mower and purchase a scythe or at least a lawn mower which is leaving the grass taller. Scythe is the best, cutting the grass in the old fashioned manner. The grass should be removed afterwards. It can then be used in compost. Then comes the flowers, and after that the butterflies, the bumblebees and the honey bees. It seems like people simply hate flowers, says Hansen.

He is also critical of Norwegians’ favourite hedges.

– Thuja and Cypress are quite uninteresting for insects and make little contribution to biodiversity. They do not contribute with pollen or nectar, and do not provide benefits to other species in the Norwegian flora and fauna. I have planted a hazel hedge at my cabin, says the insect expert.


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