June was a very wet month

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June was a very wet month many places

June was not quite the summer month we had hoped for. Figures from the Meteorological Institute show that June was wet, but only marginally colder than normal.


The monthly temperature for the whole country was 0.1 degrees below the norm, and it has been warmer along the coast than in the mountainous areas, the Meteorological Institute writes.

According to the figures, it was relatively coldest in Finnmark, while some stations in Nordland have recorded temperatures above 2 degrees warmer than the average between 1961 and 1990 for June.

The highest average temperature in the year’s June month has been at Lilleaker in Oslo, but the highest maximum temperature was measured in Voss. There the people could enjoy 27.8 degrees on 30 June. At the opposite end of the scale we find Sjufjellet in Troms, where it was measured 8.3 degrees.

Most in rainy Bergen

Last month was also a wet month. With a rainfall of 130 percent of the norm, it is one of the 20-25 wettest years since 1900. Relatively the most rainfall was found in Trøndelag, Rogaland, Agder and Telemark, with 200-275 percent of the norm, while it was measured below 50 percent of the normal amounts at stations in Troms and Hedmark.

Worst place to be was Gullfjellet in Bergen, where there was recently set a rain record. The highest mountain in Bergen was exposed to 392.1 millimeters of precipitation in June, but was bypassed by Postmyr in Drangedal for a single day. There it was measured 85.2 millimeter rainfall on June 8th.


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