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More children from low-income families attend kindergarten

kindergarten core-timeChildren attending Kindergarten. Photo:


Following the introduction of the reduced parental payment scheme for low-income families, more children from low-income families are going to kindergarten.

This was shown in a report from the Department of Social Research which was published as part of a larger evaluation of free core time and reduced parental payment.

‘’It is important that more children have the opportunity to go to kindergarten, because it provides a good basis for development, inclusion, learning, and language. That is why I am very pleased that moderation schemes mean that several families with lower income have chosen a kindergarten for their children” said Jan

Tore Sanner, Minister of Knowledge and Integration for Høyre (H).

According to the report, reduced parental payments have led to a growth of 1.2% among low-income families.

A total of 41,900 children received a lower income living allowance in kindergartens last year as a result of the rule that no families should pay more than 6 per cent of their income for kindergarten space.

In addition, 26,000 children received free core time. Children from low-income families are entitled to 20 hours a week of free kindergarten.

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