Most ‘googled’ terms among Norwegians

GoogleGoogle.Photo: Pixabay

Most ‘googled’ items among Norwegians in 2018

Bitcoin, Frank Løke, Snapchat’s new update, and Bahareh Letnes were among the most popular Google searches in Norway in 2018.


December offers many an overview of the year that has passed, and now Google’s search terms are ready for perusal.

Every year, Google lists the most popular searches.

These searches tell a great deal about what most people were interested in during the previous year. The figures are based on which keywords had increased the most in search volume compared to the previous year.

Searches such as “how to get rid of stomach fat” and “what’s bitcoin” were among the many that Norwegians entered in 2018.

Sports searches dominated

The ranking of general searches was largely dominated by sports this year.

“Half of the list is characterised by sports, something that is natural since there had been both the Olympics and the World Cup this year. But that Norwegians were so sporty surprised me a little,” said Helle Skjervold, Press Officer in Google Norway, to NTB news.

Many of the searches were for “World Cup matches” and “How to watch the Olympics”. Skjervold believes this is the result of times changing.

“Before you could just turn on the TV and there was the sport you wanted to see. Now the fight for sports has become very strong and it is no longer a given where to see the sport. Thus many people go to Google to find that out,” she said.

Korean recipe on top

Lamb was among the recipes that were googled most frequently this year. Not far behind on the list was the somewhat unfamiliar, “bossam”, a Korean dish.

“I became very curious when I saw it appeared so high. There were a couple of dates at the beginning of the year, where the search for this
particular dish completely took over before it suddenly disappeared again. It turned out that it was just during this period that a participant
in “4-star dinner” had made the news. It shows that Norway is a small country where things quickly become talk,” said Skjervold.

Another search that popped up was when Snapchat was updated with a completely new layout and user system. This triggered a wave of negative reactions.

“The search for “How to get back old Snapchat” dominated search lists in the category of ”How …?”. It is clear that people were very dissatisfied for a short period of time. Then people eventually became accustomed to it,” said Skjervold.

News reflected

Fremskrittsparti’s (Frp’s) former Fisheries Minister, Per Sandberg, was at the top of the search list for Norwegian men, while his well-known girlfriend, Bahareh Letnes, was in second place for Norwegian women.

“These searches reflect what has dominated the news, and we see in our results that people are keen to find out more about them,” said Skjervold.

Venstre’s leader, Trine Skei Grande, was at the top of the searches for Norwegian women. The Minister of Culture has been widely discussed in the past year, both in connection with the case of her intimate relationship with a 17-year-old at a wedding party in 2008 and her much-discussed telephone conversation where she backed party colleague, Abid Raja, for an open microphone in November.

The artist, Pushwagner, who died in April this year, was also at the top, along with Kristin Kirkemo, Frank Løke, and Nora Mørk.


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