Norway Today wishes our readers ‘god sommer’

Sky, heat record May Summer WeatherSummer. Photo: Norway Today Media

Norway Today wishes our readers ‘god sommer’

Last year’s summer was very pleasant indeed for most of the inhabitants of Norway. The notable exception was, of course, the farmers.

This year has reverted back to normal for most of us, thus far. Living in Norway, after all, entails the substantial risk of facing Verdi’s 4 seasons in much short time than it takes to listen through the symphony!

I hope our readers in the southern hemisphere forgive us for rejoicing in the midnight sun, bathing and our beautiful surroundings in the months ahead.

Due to vacations, Norway Today will cut back somewhat on publishing in general. The content will also, as usual, be “thinner” due to the fact that less tend to happen during summer.


Norway Today will use this opportunity to remind you that we are on the constant look-out for contributors. We are primarily seeking translators that are capable of transforming Norwegian gobble-de-gook to passable English, but also welcome readers sharing their experiences with others.

As we do not charge for our publishing service, nor receive any form of subsidy, we, alas, cannot offer much in monetary compensation. If you are not dissuaded by this, please contact us at Norway Today.

Thank you

We wish to thank our contributors for their tireless work (none named, none forgotten), our sponsors, but first and foremost, the many thousands following us.

On behalf of Norway Today,

Tor-Ingar Østerud (Editor in Chief)

God sommer!

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