Norwegian Health Care System ranked fifth

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Norwegian Health Care System ranked in fifth place in the world

Norway is at the forefront of accessibility and quality of health care, shows a overview including 195 countries in The Lancet. Norwegian Health Care lose out on some types of cancer. The US has work to do, they are way down in 35th place. UK also places in a disappointing thirtieth place. 


Topping the list is tiny Andorra, followed by Iceland and Switzerland. Thereafter Sweden follows with the same score as Norway at 90%.

 The Swedes are marginally ahead because of weighting of single factors. Australia is number six, in front of Finland. Denmark is down in the 24th place.

The Lancet

 The study in the medical journal “The Lancet” is based on mortality for 32 different diseases and conditions where you could initially avoid death with prevention or treatment.

 High mortality for a disease or condition is an indication of weak follow-up and accessibility from the health services.

 The index also incorporates improvement as a factor, comparing developments in the healthcare standard from 1990 to 2015.

 Cancer weakness

 The diseases where Norway has mortality that draws us down on the rankings is testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia.

 For these, Norway only save lives in 65, 70 and 76 percent of cases where it could be avoided. By comparison, Sweden saves 83, 76 and 70 percent of these cases, respectively.

 For diseases included in the vaccination program, such as measles and tetanus, Norway scores 100 percent in the avoidance of death.

 Of the top 20 countries most are in Western Europe except for Australia, Japan (number 11) and Canada, in 17th place.

 The United Kingdom is in 30th place, which is lower than one would was expect, and the United States ended up in 35th place.


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