Norwegians didn’t drink more during the corona pandemic, new survey shows

AlcoholPhoto: Donovan Grabowski / Unsplash

The drinking habits of Norwegians have remained unchanged since last year. 

One in three Norwegians drinks alcohol every week, while 15% did not consume alcohol at all since the New Year.

An increase in alcohol sales in Norway was registered after border restrictions with Swedish were introduced, which led to a decrease in duty-free trade. 

However, according to Statistics Norway’s (SSB) survey, the corona pandemic didn’t seem to have affected alcohol consumption significantly.

Annual survey

The annual survey was done in collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health (FHI). 

The data was collected in the second quarter of this year, and different drinking patterns were registered when it comes to age and gender.

A total of 85% of Norwegians drank alcohol at least once during the past year. 

Men drink the most – 37% of men have consumed alcohol one or more times each week, while 31% of women did the same. 

Men also consumed more alcohol on each occasion. 

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