Shocking photos from serving places in Oslo

Serving Places Oslo Hygiene Closed RestaurantDiscrepancies:Three restaurants were closed after the raid. Here from Blue Siam (left), Lille Sumo II (top right) and Tasty Green (bottom right). Photo: Mattilsynet

Serving places in downtown Oslo closed immediately

Police, Tax Authorities, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Labour Inspectorate last week carried out inspection at seven serving places and boats at Aker Brygge and Rådhuskaia in Oslo. The checks led to several disappointing findings, the police reports.


The three restaurants Tasty Green, Lille Sumo II and Blue Siam were immediately closed by the Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) due to poor food hygiene. The Tax Authority additionally issued 24 fees totaling NOK 27,120 after finding discrepancies errors in personnel lists during the raid. In the severest case, contracts were found that stated that employees worked without pay.

– All were closed due to deficiencies regarding order and cleanliness. At Blue Siam there was also the temperature was too high in the cold room. All are closed until they have rectified the circumstances we have pointed out, says Senior Inspector at Food Safety Authority, Håvard Johansen.

He adds that all three serving places will be reviewed on a continuous basis, as they announce that they have rectified.

Follow up

According to Johansen, at the four places that were not closed, there were minor discrepancies as well, but not enough for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to close those places.

– We are out all the time, both alone and on these joint ventures with other agencies. Right now, Aker Brygge was very relevant considering the weather and the number of visitors, so we prioritized that area this time, Johansen says to Dagbladet.

The target of the joint controls is to prevent and detect labour crimes. The controls revealed several conditions, which together with fees and closures, are followed up by measures and sanctions from the various agencies.

Hopes for quick reopening

Dagbladet has been in contact with two of the three restaurants that were closed before the weekend. The daily manager at Tasty Green, Jasmeet Singh, says they are already in the process of rectifying.

– There were only a few minor discrepancies, so they were corrected on the day that the check was carried out. We hope to be open again very soon, says Singh.

Blue Siam also announces that they are working to rectify. The restaurant hopes to be open again on Tuesday. It has not been possible to get in touch with Lille Sumo II.


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