Learn the Norwegian Language with Skapago

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Learn the Norwegian Language with Skapago

Everyone has their own way to learn a new language. Some people study books, others watch movies or listen to music in the relevant language; various other methods are also possible. Each of these methods has its own efficiency. But it should be noted that each of these methods can only be used as a teaching aid, rather than a complete training. You need a teacher to learn a language completely. A teacher who knows all the rules of the target language and can tell you all the points in full. If you do not have much time to go to class or do not want to pay a lot for going to class, Skapago offers you two useful products that can help you in order to learn Norwegian language faster at a lower cost. In this article, I intend to introduce you to Skapago’s products, which has a very interesting way to teach Norwegian. If you are interested in learning Norwegian, do not miss this article.

If you are one of those who is interested in learning a language in a virtual way, you may have known the Skapago which has a really attractive way to learn languages. Skapago has a slogan that says “talk to your teacher and work together as if you were in the same room”. Learn a language by receiving live online lessons through Skype is one of the new attractive ways to learn new languages. The advantages of such classes are as follow:

  • Cost is much less than attending a regular class,
  • Less time spent
  • Easy access at any time and anywhere
  • Easy communication with the teacher

However, you can bring your teacher anywhere. Norwegian is one of the hardest languages to learn (if your mother tongue is not Scandinavian, German or Dutch, that is). Therefore, you need to have a specific way to learn this language. Skapago offers you 2 different products for a beginner (probably A1 level of Norwegian learner) and High level (Probably B2 level of Norwegian language) for learners who need to take Bergen test (If you want to know about Bergen test, read this article on Norway Today: Learn the Norwegian Language. These 2 products are an offer by Skapago:

  • The Mystery of Nils: Norwegian Course for Beginners
  • Slik består du Bergenstesten (skriftlig del)

What is the content of these products?

The first product can be used to learn Norwegian for beginners. The course is really comprehensive. You won’t tire of using it at all. In this product, you will learn Vocabulary, pronunciation, Grammar and etc. Skapago gives you a lot of hints during the course that you may not find them in books, movies or etc. “Whether you are going to succeed with this course or not, it’s actually most up to you, so, the philosophy is that I will show you everything but I cannot teach you just the same way that you won’t learn to play the piano by listening to piano music, you have to do a lot of work on your own, there is no magical trick”, Founder of Skapago, Werner Skalla, explains. If you know the Norwegian language up to level B 2, the second product will work for you. You may need to take Bergen test. This product will prepare you in to take the Bergen test and pass the exam. Ultimately, if you are planning to learn Norwegian from the beginning, or want to prepare for Bergen test, these two products are very effective.

Interested in what Skapago has to offer you? Please follow this link.

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