Transport tops the election issues

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Transport most important in the election campaign

Transport is both the most talked about and important issue for the Norwegian voters before the local elections, followed by school and health, according to a big city survey from the analysis company Zynk. The analysis was presented under the Arendal Week (Arendalsuka) today.

The People’s Action No to Road Tolls (FNB) is most strongly linked to transport issues. The Conservatives (Høyre) dominate health and school. The Labour Party (Ap) ‘owns’ none of its most important issues, while the Green Party (MDG) has a very strong affiliation to both the environment and climate. The latter is becoming increasingly important to voters.

“It is not surprising that road tolls are an important issue for voters. The fact that transport is a theme that to such a degree engages voters, in recent months, is startling,” Partner in Zynk, Claus Sonberg, states.



Big data and machine learning

Zynk has, together with the technology company Enin, analysed the most important issues in the election campaign. This is done using big data and machine learning algorithms – so-called sentiment analyses. The analyses interpret people’s attitudes, based on language analysis of more than 40 million Norwegian websites and social media posts.

“Zynk’s big data analyses confirm the trends in traditional opinion polls. They also provide new insights into what engages voters the most, and which parties are most strongly associated with the various issues,” Sonberg explains.

It is interesting that FNB dominates transport and that the Conservatives is still most associated with school and health, which are important issues for voters. Equally interesting is that the Socialists (SV) and Red (Rødt) are associated more to social inequality and privatisation. Those are also important issues for the Labour Party.

The Presentation is available for download.

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