VIDEO Unlucky boat owner takes impromptu swim in Oslo’s Kongen Marina

Video: Norway Today

A reader of Norway Today filmed the funny episode at Oslo’s Kongen Marina during the autumn holidays.

Three residents had a mishap trying to bring a boat ashore for the winter at Oslo’s Kongen Marina.

The boat in question fell off of its trailer as the trio was hooking it up to a car. To attempt to get it back in place, they took the trailer off the car and tried to adjust it.

You can watch the full video here:

Morten Persson, who witnessed the whole affair, tried to warn them that this was a bad idea – but his warnings weren’t heeded.

Both the trailer and the boat proceeded to roll down a road leading into the water. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the boat didn’t have its breaks on.

So, the boat, the trailer, and a member of the trio ended up taking an unplanned swim in the waters of Oslo… Which were around a cool 14 degrees Celsius at the time.

It remains unknown whether the accidental swimmer managed to save his mobile phone during the dip.

An hour later, both the crew and the boat (freshly washed, might we add), were safely ashore on the land area of Oslo’s Kongen Marina.

Source: Norway Today

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