Violence alarms given to children in Norway

children violence alarms three-year-oldViolence against children. Illustration Photo:

Norwegian children equipped with violence alarms

The number of violence alarms is increasing, and last year the police handed out mobile violence alarms 1,162 times. 13 times they were given to children under 16 years of age.


The figures are based on an overview NRK has put together. As of today, eleven children are equipped with violence alarms. This seems to ombudsman Anne Lindboe as an admission of failure.

The goal is to create a safer everyday life for those living with threats of violence, abuse and murder.

– It’s a fake sense of security, because if the perpetrator is standing in front of you, you may want to hit the button. The police will, however, not be able to reach you before the perpetrator has kidnapped you, or exposed you to violence, Lindboe says.

The burden should be placed on the perpetrator instead

– The use of so-called reverse violence alarms needs to be made better known in the police districts, says Lene Vågslid (AP), who is a member of the parliamentary judical committee. She is appalled that it has taken a long time from the Parliament two years ago asked for an evaluation of the system with visiting bans and the use of reverse violence alarms.

– If the Minister of Justice and the Government thought that this was very important, they had started the evaluation two years ago.

Minister of Justice, Per-Willy Amundsen, asserts that he is not satisfied with the current state of affairs, and has an ambition to “change this dramatically”. He intends to make reversed violence alarm the rule, not the exception.


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