Weird vegetables in the Coop stores

Coop weird vegetablesShop Manager at Coop Extra in Halden, Anna Red, together with the rest of Coop Norway, wishes to sell as much Norwegian vegetables as possible despite difficult conditions. Photo: Coop Norge.

Weird vegetables in the grocery stores

The hot summer provides difficult conditions for vegetable cultivation in Norway. Therefore, there will be more weird vegetables in the stores. Coop assures that the quality is the same – and asks its customers to continue to buy Norwegian vegetables, crooked or not.



– It is uncertain how the drought we are experiencing will affect the vegetables in the near future. This is especially true of storage vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and onion which may be slightly smaller in size than usual, says Chairman of Nordgrønt, Fritjof Sandstad. Nordgrønt is Coop Norway’s producer organization for fruit, vegetables and potatoes.

Therefore, the vegetables may diverge somewhat in shape and size from the norm during late summer and autumn.

Weird vegetables have the same quality

– Customers can rest assured that the quality of the vegetables is the same. But due to drought and difficult conditions, the vegetables will look a bit more «weird» and vary in both size and shape. We are now working closely with the farmers to see how we can be of assistance – and make sure that most of the Norwegian vegetables are consumed, says Communications Manager in Coop, Harald Kristiansen.

The farming industry is struggling in the drought and in addition to prioritising Norwegian meat in the stores, Coop wishes to inform together with the farmers that the vegetables will look a little different, but are as good as usual.

– The customers, who are also our owners, can be sure that the quality is the same. we will nevertheless like to inform about this in advance so that we avoid throwing away highly edible food. In line with our zero vision, we are working on continuously reduced food waste throughout the value chain. Close collaboration with both customers and farmers is important to achieve this, Kristiansen sums up.


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