1,750 pilots applied for jobs in SAS

1,750 pilots applied for a job in SASScandinavian Airlines. Photo Commons wikipedia

Airline SAS increases their traffic and has announced 220 permanent positions as pilots. This has led to an inrush of applications from the employees of other companies.

Shortly they received job applications from 1,750 pilots,  Aftenposten writes. According to the newspaper  most of the  applicants are from other companies in Europe, including Norwegian and Ryanair, but are not employed directly in the companies they work for.
– This is a lot of applications. It’s probably an indication that many of the people who today are employed by staffing companies, not the company they fly for,  want more orderly conditions. We see that many people wants to work for SAS, where everyone is employed directly by us,  director Knut Morten Johansen of SAS says.
The large number of applicants says a lot about today’s pressured labor market for pilots. Petter Førde, the leader in Norwegian Pilots Association, said many pilots now graduate straight into unemployment, and he warns young people against pursuing piloting training in the belief that they will quickly be able to get a well paid piloting job.
– There is a surplus of pilots, not only in Norway but throughout Scandinavia, Petter Førde says and emphasizes:
– Whoever wants to get a pilot certificate has to be aware that this can’t be used for anything other than piloting aircrafts.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today