Electricity grid lease increases

PowerlinePowerline .Photo: pixabay.com

3 out of 4 will have to pay more on their electricity network lease next year

Due to major upgrades and investments on the grid, three out of four electricity customers have to pay more for network leases next year. As per usual the consumers are left with the bill


A survey among the country’s online energy companies show that interest and Employers’ Association, Energi Norge has created about 30 online network companies that together account for 2.2 million of the country’s electricity customers.

The survey shows that on average, the network will increase by 5.5 percent in the areas where there has been a warning increase.

“There is a need for investments and major upgrades in the power grid in the coming years. It is important to ensure a safe power supply across the country. We must, among other things, take into account more extreme weather, population growth and new patterns of consumption when we envision the dimensions the network for the future,” explains business policy advisor in Energy Norway, Trond Svartsund.

NOK 85 billion

Over half of near to 85 billion NOK that local power grid companies have planned to invest towards 2026 will go for renewal of power grids. Additionally Statnett plans to invest close to 45 billion NOK in the power grid – the major of power lines that bind the country together.

“When the large investment wave is over, we expect the electricity network line leases to drop,” says Svartsund.

The member companies in Energy Norway account for 99 percent of the power generation and cover about 90 percent of electricity and network customers in Norway.

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