3,000 new full-time jobs in oil industry in northern Norway predicted over the next decade

Statoil Oil Rig Climate GasOil Rig. Photo: Pixabay

Petro Arctic has predicted that the oil and gas industry will create 3,000 new jobs in northern Norway by 2027.


‘Our forecasts show that by 2027, we’ll approach 9,000 full-time positions in northern Norway related to the oil and gas industry,’ said Petro Arctic’s Kjell Giæver, who is the director of the organization.

Today, there are around 5,500 full-time workers in the industry in Northern Norway.

Employment in the industry peaked in 2015, at approximately 8000 full-time jobs, but low oil prices led to a significant reduction of that number. Giæver believes that today’s employment in the industry has been reduced by about 30% since 2014, but that the future looks bright.

‘Based on existing fields in operation, new developments, profitable oil and gas discoveries, and the companies’ exploration plans, as well as OD resource estimates, we predict 3,000 new, directly and indirectly related jobs coming to northern Norway over the course of the next ten years,’ he said.

Petro Arctic’s analysis shows approximately 1,550 new jobs in the supply-side industry, 350 new jobs related to drilling activity, and around 480 new positions being created at oil companies.

Additionally, the growth will create approximately 700 new, indirectly related full-time jobs linked to trade, transportation and services.


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