50 million lost for Elkjøp in Black Friday miss

Elkjøp becomes larger in DenmarkElkjøp banners. Photo wikipedia.org

When Norwegian customers were supposed to shop on Elkjøp’s website on Black Friday, many were in line. The system crashed and the electric chain lost big revenue.

“The pressure was far above what we expected. All the warning lights glow red. We believe at least 10 to 15 per cent of online sales were lost. It could be even more,” says Fredrik Tønnesen, head of Elkjøp Norge, to Dagens Næringsliv.

According to its own calculations, the company missed NOK 50 million in customer turnover in Norway due to the problems. The company admitted that it was not well prepared enough.

Tønnesen tells the newspaper that the system was tested many times before the big day, but that there is nothing else to do but apologise to those who were sitting and waiting in vain.

The problem became known on Thursday night, and it took one day before the websites worked properly again.

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