Bailiff fears flood of debt cases

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Due to the new debt register, there may be long queues at the bailiff in the future.

The debt register, which came into force on July 1st this year, makes it more difficult for Norwegians with high debt to take up new loans to service old debt.

“There are far too many who have gotten into a loan spiral, and when the debt register puts a sudden stop on getting new loans or refinancing existing loans, there may be a rush of creditors trying to get to the enforcement officer first to make sure,” says the bailiff in Oslo, Asker and Bærum, Alexander Dey to P4.

He believes the big upturn will take effect already this year.

In the long term, however, he believes the debt register will have a positive effect.
“It is good that there will be a stop to the credit because there are many who should not have borrowed more money at all,” says the bailiff.

Researcher at the Consumer Research Institute SIFO, Christian Poppe, thinks Nav should have a contingency plan in place.

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