The birth certificate has ended


New parents will no longer receive a birth certificate for their children. Instead, there will be a digital birth confirmation in Altinn.

New parents will receive a confirmation in Altinn that the child has been registered with a name and received a national ID number in the Population Register, says the Tax Administration.

The new confirmation contains the same information as the birth certificate, but will not have a handwritten signature or stamp. Parents can, however, order a certificate with stamp and signature online, if this is needed.

The reason is that the role of the certificate in society is greatly reduced.

Parents who need the child’s national ID number to apply for services, such as kindergarten space, will easily have the birth number available in the letter that appears in the Altinn inbox, says Jørn Leonhardsen, Director of Information Management at the Tax Administration.

The digitisation of certificates is part of the modernisation of the Population Register.

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