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Bergen municipality drops five doubled toll charge

BergenGreat traffic towards Bergen.Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

The city council in Bergen has decided that fivefold car toll during the rush hour will not be introduced. The City Council considered the measure because of the danger of high air pollution.

The city council met at 11 o’clock in order to consider raising the tolls from 45 to 225 kroner during peak hours. A changed warning  regarding the air quality meant that it was not appropriate to put up the rates.

The Meteorological Institute had previously announced that there was a danger of high air pollution on Tuesday and Wednesday, whilst there was a danger of very high pollution on Thursday and Friday.

– The air quality warning has changed from yesterday to today. There is no danger of high air pollution tomorrow, and there is therefore no basis for introducing measures such as emergency measures in the toll from tomorrow, ” said councillor Julie Andersland in a press release.

– On Thursday and Friday there are predicted periods of high air pollution. We carefully monitor the situation and will reassess tomorrow based on updated air quality alerts, she continues.

When a high level of air pollution has been reported (red level) for two days or more, the municipality has the opportunity to introduce strenuous measures such as ‘data driving’and increased toll charges. Such measures were introduced in January 2016.

Bergen municipality encourages peoople with asthma, chronic respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease to follow health advice from their health authority.

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