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‘Bring’ reported for social dumping



The transport company, Bring, was reported to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority for social dumping as a result of inspections at a control station in Helleland.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration performed a heavy transport control at Helleland in Rogaland on Monday. Two vehicles were eventually reported’’ wrote Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper.

‘’Social dumping has become a trend in the transport industry in Norway, which the Norwegian Public Roads Administration takes very seriously’’
said Kenneth Holm Vestby, senior inspector in the Road Administration.

One driver drove for Bring Trucking, and the other drove for Agreta, commissioned by Bring Norway. Bring Trucking is a Slovak subsidiary of Bring Cargo, which is again wholly owned by Posten Norge.

One of the drivers earned far below the Norwegian minimum wage. Press manager, John Eckhoff of Posten Norge said they will follow up the violations with Agreta if they drove on behalf of Bring.

A report from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, summarising supervision in the transport industry during the period 2015–2017, showed that seven out of ten foreign drivers interviewed in the controls, had illegal wage conditions in Norway. Cabotage is transport between places in another country than where the carrier resides and is subject to special rules.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today