Child benefits in Poland is now higher than in Norway

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Norway has stopped the payment of child benefit to Poland after the country’s government changed the rules for Polish child benefits.

In the period from the end of June to the end of September last year, 8,000 fewer Polish families received Norwegian child benefit in Poland, writes Aftenposten.

From July 1 last year, the Polish government also introduced child benefit for first born children. Before that time, childbirth insurance for first-borns was only reserved for poor families with children.

The change last year meant that all Polish children aged 0-18 now receive 500 zloty per month in child benefits. This amounts to NOK 1,160, almost NOK 100 more than the Norwegian child benefit of NOK 1,054 a month. The way the EEA regulations are formulated, it led to a halt in the export of Norwegian child benefit to workers in Poland.

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