Christmas shopping to the tune of 11,000 kroner each

Christmas shoppingChristmas shopping.Photo:

There is a retail trade turnover of 56.6 billion in December. Many industries have more than double the sales of other months of the year.

If this shopping trend continued throughout the year, it would mean that each of us, on average, paid nearly 11,000 million in December, according to Statistics Norway.

In December last year, there was a volume index of nearly 55 billion, i.e.: 10,760 kroner per person.

Particularly for stores selling toys and games, December is important. We spend approximately 700 million in toy stores in December.

That is equivalent to three and a half times the average for the rest of the year.

Norway’s perfumeries sell 65% more in December than the rest of the year, and will make a turnover of around 760 million this month.

Flower shops sell nearly twice as many flowers in December; and bookstores increase turnover by 150%.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today