Conservative’s wish to preserve payment with cash

Norwegian cashNorwegian cash(Kroner).Photo:Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX .

Saturday, the Conservative’s national congress adopted a bench proposal to ensure the right to pay with cash.

The proposal came from the Akershus bench. It was suggested to be dismissed by the program committee, but the congress decided otherwise. Thus, the proposal “ensure the right to pay cash” was adopted.

– For seniors who have cash as their main means of payment, it is very important to preserve the ability to pay cash, says leader of Akershus Young Conservatives, Elizabeth Kathleen Hodges Dale, who was the instigator of the proposal.

– We must be careful not to unsettle the confidence which is in cash, by going too fast.

She also mentions privacy and possible emergencies, such as power failure, as important reasons to secure cash payment.

The congress had previously adopted the program committee’s formulation about “investigating whether to give businesses the opportunity to opt out of cash.” But when the two proposals later were pitted against each other, the latter was dropped.

Several regional organization of the Progressive Party (FRP) has notified that they will battle to preserve the option to pay with cash and therefore say no to the cashless society.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today