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Dry summer will produce sun burned and crooked vegetables in shops


Sunburned onions and crooked carrots could become common in the shops because the dry summer forced the vegetable grower, Bama,to lower their standards.


The hot and dry summer has led to a lower production of vegetables than usual.The crops have become smaller and much produce has become mature at the same time, reported NRK news. Now, the vegetable wholesaler Bama warned that they may have to lower the standards, and send out less nice looking vegetables to the market.

“We can expect more crooked carrots and sun-burned onions,which has nothing to do with the dining quality. I also hope that consumers will accept them,” said Espen Gultvedt, Norwegian chief executive at Bama.

Bama is getting information about the consequences the drought has brought to the quality of the vegetables.

During a meeting in Bondland in Oppland and Hedmark on Thursday afternoon, the farmers got together to make the requirements for aesthetics of the vegetables to relax after the extreme summer.

“We must have a greater tolerance for what the vegetables look like,” said Erling Aas Eng at Hedmark Bondelag to Ringsaker Blad newspaper.

Production has been reduced compared to a normal year.This is also the situation in all of Northern Europe, so it’s not just imports.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today

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