Emissions cuts in agriculture could cost several thousand jobs

Cows lack of feedCows. Photo: Norway Today Media.

If the Norwegian climate cuts in agriculture are taken, thousands of jobs will be lost, according to estimates from Norwegian Institute for bio-economy.

Climate Minister Vidar Helgesen has previously pointed out red meat as part of the problem because livestock manure accounts for the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, wrote newspaper Nationen.

Norwegian Institute for bio-economy have looked at a possible measure that involves cutting the subsidy to red meat of 7.18 kroner per kilogram, which will provide 5.5 percent lower emissions.

For the farmer such a cut means 1600 less kroner per heifer and 126 less kroner per lamb. Norwegian Institute for bioeconomy believes the measure will lead to the loss of 3,400 jobs, primarily in rural areas.

NHO’s economic policy director Ingebjørg Hatlo believes it is possible to cut emissions in all sectors, and they need to start cutting where it is most cost effective.

– The so-called “low hanging fruits” must of course be harvested first, regardless of the industry she says.
Researcher Odd Harstad at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences thinks that food must be considered “superior to anything else.”
– In the choice between less food production and less transport, is my belief that food production must be given higher priority.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today