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Evry strengthens focus on health technology

Evry CEOBjörn Ivroth, CEO of Evry


Evry strengthens focus on health technology

 Evry is acquiring Exonor, a leading provider of strategic consultancy and support services in relation to implementing clinical IT systems. This acquisition will strengthen Evry’s expertise in what is an operationally critical area for Nordic health trusts.


Over the coming years, the health sector will be investing significantly in modernising its core technology systems and making greater use of industry-standard systems in order to improve patient care and simplify collaboration within and between individual health trusts. Critical success factors for achieving these aims include improving work processes, simplifying how people collaborate, and improving training and service levels.

With its strategic consultancy expertise and technical knowledge regarding managing and supporting core systems, Exonor helps its customers to modernise successfully and to realise the full potential of digitalisation.

“Evry has a strong and dedicated team who deliver solutions to the health sector in the Nordic region. Evry’s acquisition of Exonor will strengthen its industry-specific and specialist expertise and increase its capabilities in an important area. What this will mean for customers is that we will be able to be an even strong driver of digitalisation and modernisation in the health sector”, comments Björn Ivroth, CEO of Evry.

technological modernisation

“The health sector is set to undergo major technological modernisation, and Exonor is well-positioned to be part of the resulting growth in demand for strategic consultancy services. Joining forces with Evry means becoming part of a strong team that is dedicated to working to provide patients and healthcare professionals with the best digital services available”, comments partner Helge H. Monstad from Exonor.

Exonor has offices in Oslo, Uppsala, Helsinki and Copenhagen. The company consists of 17 highly capable employees who have a combination of clinical and health technology expertise. Exonor is seeing stronger demand growth and is expected to double its headcount over the next twelve months.

Exonor delivers strategic consultancy in relation to implementing and using clinical health systems. The company has also set up a service desk that serves hospitals across the Nordic region.

Evry has acquired 100% of the share capital of Exonor Group AS.


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