Expected price increase on food

Ingvill StørksenIngvill Størksen, Director of Virke Grocery.Photo: Virke

Expected price increase on food

The price increase for February 2018 corresponds to the average price increase during February for the past ten years.


‘’This is a pattern. Food prices change to the same pattern throughout the year. Following the typical low price offer periods such as Christmas and Easter, it is normal for the prices to adjust slightly,” said Ingvill Størksen, Director of Virke Grocery.

So far this year, the tax increases on chocolate, sugar confectionery, and non-alcoholic beverages, has amplified the usual fluctuations.

“Although the rise in food prices in February is quite common, it is on top of a somewhat higher price increase in January than we usually see.

The rise in prices in January was closely linked to the fact that the authorities have increased the taxes on these goods dramatically, despite the fact that the industry has been working hard to reduce the consumption of unhealthy goods,” Storksen


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  1. And how about the price increase on milk? They have increased by 4 kr on 1.75L cartons of Tine which is about 20% increase. Is milk considered unhealthy?

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