The fixed interest rate of the Loan Fund rises marginally

Monthly earnings up 2.6 per cent arrangement bills VirkeMoney. Norwegian kroner.

Lånekassen increased the fixed interest rate for a three-year period marginally, while the five, and ten, year rates remain at the same level.

From the 1st of May, the fixed interest rate will be 2.27% for a three-year period, 2.51% for five years, and 3.06% for ten years.

‘Five and ten year interest rates are unchanged from their current level, while the three-year rate increased marginally’, said the communications consultant at Lånekassen, Christin Dammen.

Customers who want to fix the interest from May the 1st may do so during the period of the 10th to 17th of April. Everyone applying for fixed rates can do it at

The floating interest rate on the student loan from the 1st of May will rise to 2.21%.

‘Customers who have less left than a three-year repayment period, who receive support for education, or who have canceled a previous fixed rate deal less than two months ago, can not bind the interest rate’, points out Dammen.

578,200 of the Loan Fund repayment customers have a floating interest rate on their student loan, while 74,600 have fixed interest rates.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today