The Government will let TV channels to show commercials alongside programs

Minister of Culture, Linda Hofstad HellelandMinister of Culture, Linda Hofstad Helleland.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The Government proposes that TV channels should be allowed displaying advertisements on split screens, which mean that advertising and content can be fed to you simultaneously.

Minister of Culture, Linda Hofstad Helleland, Wednesday put forward proposals of amendments to the Broadcasting Act.

– Advertising on split screen allows viewers to follow television broadcasts, as for example the 50 km cross-country skiing event or bike races will be able to do so without interruptions, according to Helleland’s proposal.

The purpose of the proposal is to give Norwegian commercial broadcasters the same competition benefits as channels transmitting from other countries. The Measures are also meant to provide better financing for Norwegian based companies.

The Government also proposes to repeal a provision that advertising shall not exceed 15 percent of daily broadcasting time, and that there will still be a limit of twelve minutes advertising per hour.

It is also proposed to allow sponsors to be allowed presentation in their programs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today