Four men in Nigeria charged for fraud after Norwegian investigation

After collaboration between Norwegian and Nigerian police, four men in Nigeria have been charged with having swindled several million kroner, reports Aftenposten.

The investigation started after a small but well-known, non-profit organization was reported to the Oslo police. The organization was exposed to fraud and lost just over a million Norwegian kroner, the newspaper writes.

The fraud happened when an employee in the organization received an email from someone who pretended to be the “director”. The person asked the employee to transfer one million NOK to a foreign account, which was done.

The tracks in the case led to Nigeria, and at the beginning of July, four men were charged in the case for fraud of 525 million Nigerian neira, just over 12.7 million Norwegian kroner. One of the accused has been arrested, while the other three are wanted.

During the investigation, the police in Oslo collaborated with Nigeria’s response to Økokrim, EFCC. The Nigerians believe the four men have swindled NOK 12.7 million through 45 fraud incidents.

The Oslo police believe that the network has attempted to swindle up to just over NOK 20 million in Norway, and that they have succeeded in frauds up to just over NOK 6 million.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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