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Four out of ten unemployed found a new job

NAVNAV.Photo: Norway Today Media


A NAV analysis of former unemployed people showed that 38% changed employment when they found a new job. Very few moved to another part of the country to work.


The researchers behind the analysis looked at 170,000 unemployed who were entitled to unemployment benefit from January 2013 to October 2017, wrote VG newspaper.

The results showed that 13% of them were still reported as job seekers in October 2017.

Of those who were no longer unemployed, 7 out of 10 of them had gained work. 22% of them had a job in the same profession and in the same region, while 38% had changed their profession.

The analysis also showed that 23% had begun to commute to another housing and labour market region. But only 2% had moved to get a job, which the authorities have previously encouraged.

‘’It’s unusual to move to get a new job, show our numbers.

It’s a big decision to move. Among other things, many must take into account that their partner also has a job. Then it becomes particularly challenging to move on. On the other hand, many accept commuting to start a new job’’, said Senior Counsellor, Inger Cathrine Kann, of Nav to the newspaper.


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