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Good times for mackerel fishing

mackerel fishingmackerel fishing

Good times for mackerel fishing

The fresh market pays well for the mackerel currently being fished, and the mackerel that are caught are much larger than last year.


The fishermen are particularly pleased that this year, there are big mackerel found along the coast. Last year, there were a lot of small mackerel, wrote Fiskeribladet magazine.

The mackerel caught by a closed group of boats below 13 meters (14 yards) will total about 7,100 tonnes this year. With an estimated average price per kilo of 13 kroner, it adds up to a total catch value of more than NOK 90 million.

Åpen Gruppe (Open Group), boats under 11 meters (12 yards), without fixed quotas, will fish 650 tonnes this year.

The fishermen have their own 100-tonne quota that can be fished with lines or nets. This means an estimated catch value of 1.3 million kroner for recreational fishermen.

The coastal fleet can fish 45,316 tonnes of mackerel, while the Ringnotflåten can fish 182,000 tonnes, and trawl approximately 10,000 tonnes.

Up to now, almost 5,000 tonnes of a total quota of 238,000 tonnes of fish are available.

© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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