Government parties can turn on aerospace


Conservatives and the Progress Party will probably vote with the majority when parliament on Tuesday adopted a representative suggestion from Labor and SV about a Norwegian aerospace strategy.

Earlier this week it became clear that cooperation parties Left and Christian Democrats will continue the funding for the Norwegian aerospace innovation. The government therefore appears to be incurred by an ever so small defeat, amid the stalled budget battle.

– I mean Right parties should vote with the majority in Parliament so that this matter has evolved but we are working with some adjustments to the wording, saying the Conservatives Ove Trellevik to news agency NTB.

It is expected that the Progress Party will do the same.

Should be cut

In the budget proposal, the Government are up to a cut of 75 percent in investment in the voluntary programs of the European Space Agency (ESA). National support scheme is reduced by 40 percent.

December 1st, the ministers responsible for space travel in the EU and EEA meet to enroll their contributions for 2018 and subsequent years.

– Now the Parliament in advance of the meeting of the ESA make a decision that binds the government to lay down their major cuts in Norwegian aerospace initiatives.

They cannot go to this meeting and notify 75 percent cut, if they have respect for Parliament, says industry committee chairman Geir Pollestad to NTB.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today