The Government proposes to change child support after age 18


“Our main goal with these proposals is to make the child support scheme better, more accurate and fair “, says Solveig Horne, the minister for Children and Equal Rights

“The contribution after the child turns 18  is often higher as child benefit is discontinued, and no longer deducted when the calculation is made. In addition, it is often less agreed intercourse between the contributing parent and youth in the late teens, leading to lapses in deductions, the proposed changes will lead to a fairer system”, says Horne.“It is the parents’ responsibility to support their children during normal schooling. It is important to help youth complete secondary education, while teen income should be given greater importance in assessing the size of contribution than today”, says Horne.

Abuse prevention

The government proposes to give NAV the right to obtain information about the youth’s student status, and also necessary information on study progress.

“Such access makes it possible to investigate allegations that young people have completed their schooling. This proposal may discourage abuse of the system and reduce conflict”, says Horne.

The child’s income is to be deducted from the contribution


One of the proposals for amendments to the regulations is that the youth employment income should be given greater importance in assessing the size of contribution than today. It is proposed that a quarter of the child’s income over NOK 68,850 to be deducted from the fixed contribution.

“It is reasonable that that young adults should have a greater responsibility for their own sustenance without impacting their study progress”, says Horne.


Source:  Norway Today /