3,500+ complaints to the Consumer Board in 2016

SASSAS.Photo: Pixabay

The Consumer Board  (Forbrukerrådet) received more than 3,500 requests from customers who were unhappy with their purchases made from other EEC countries last year. 25 percent involving air travels.

Of the 3556 requests 873 were related to air travels. Norwegians requested help in lieu of delays, cancellations and lost baggage, the Consumer Board reported to NTB.

– The vast majority of these cases are filed against airlines operating from other EEC counties, according to the director of the Consumer  Board  for Europe’s support office.There has been a reported increase of requests by 15 percent since 2015

Dating, betting and pills

In second place on the list, we find leisure and cultural services, normally associated with dating and games. In third place comes health – mainly revolving around pills that promise to make the consumer leaner, smarter  or stronger.

– Many of the petitioners claimed that they agreed to a non-binding sample pack, but ended up with a so-called subscription trap, said Wiik.
The Consumer  Board has also noticed an increase in complaints against the  lottery and betting industry.
– They advertise from outside Norway. Large sums are often at stake, and people with gambling issues are the victims, said Wiik.

Online shopping

1473 of the requests were related to online purchases, an increase of 13 percent since 2015. The Consumer Board  recommends using  a credit card when shopping online as that will allow you to  be reimbursed if you do not get what you paid for.

– If you used a debit card, you may also have insurance against this, but you have to check your terms, Wiik Stresses.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today