Government suspends the warning of an increase in car fees


The government did a u-turn and dropped the increase in car fees in next year’s state budget. The increase could have given many new car owners a fee of tens of thousands of kroner.


The redeployment of the calculation method for fees will be due no earlier than 2020 wrote VG newspaper.

“It is correct that the government plans to postpone the transition to tax calculation based on CO2 emissions measured by new rules by 2020,” said Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) to VG.

It was mainly petrol and diesel cars that would have been hit,but also hybrid cars, with little electricity capacity.The finance minister said she understands that there has been great uncertainty.

‘’The new measuring system is coming, but there are too few cars registered with the new measurement method. It gives great uncertainty about the consequences, so we postponed it from the state budget in 2019, to 2020.’’

She said they now have more time to look at this and possibly make adjustments.

“According to the government platform, we are not going to add budget increases, and it is by law. However, we do not want to punish people who buy low-emission cars,’’ Jensen emphasised.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today